Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ


By default we print your model in the orientation as provided by you. However, during optimization we might re-orient (rotate) your object before printing it. Also see our Design Tips page.
Small objects are printed in a (z-axis) resolution of 0.2mm, bigger objects in 0.3mm. There is a premium option to print in a 0.1mm resolution. Ask for the possibilities.
ABS is a ‘rigid’ kind of plastic. It’s used a lot for ‘functional’ object. Also see our ABS information page.
If needed, support material is automatically printed during the 3D print process. We always print support material using the same material as the rest of your object. You will have to remove the support material yourself. Also see our Design Tips page
Not yet, we’re working on that option.
At present, we support the following colors: white, black, gray, red, green, yellow and blue.
Yep, provide this in the comments field. We wil contact you for a special price.
If, during our analysis of your model, it turns our we can’t print your model we will contact you. When this issue cannot be solved we will refund your payment and cancel the order.
Not yet. We will provide a ‘vaporisation’ finish (meaning your object will be VERY shiny) in a short time.
We support only STL format. Make sure to use Binary STL. A tool to convert ASCII STL to Binary STL can be found here.

Payment, Shipping & Handling Time

Usually we print within 2 working days, so you can expect your print (under normal circumstances) within 3 business days (depending on shipping times).
We support Paypal, Creditcard, Ideal.
All our prices are excluding VAT (21%). However, at checkout the total price (including VAT) is shown.
This is indeed true. We focus on low pricing, especially for larger objects. We achieve this by using good value for money printers and materials. Also, we don’t calculate extreme margins…
Sure. Just provide a different shipping & invoice address. Shipping is calculated based on the provided shipping address.
Within the Netherlands: 6,95 euro. All other countries: 18,50 euro. For other countries: see shipping info page.
Yes we do! We will not share your objects with others.

Software & File Format

There are a lot of different 3D model and CAD software options. In all (regular) software there is an option for exporting your model to STL format. Also see our Design Tips page.
Your object cannot be bigger then 150x225x150mm (LxWxH). The maximum number of triangles in your model is approx 1 million. The maximum filesize we support is 100MB. Also see our Design Tips page.
You can mail your model to us at We will contact you after analysing your object.
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