3D printing of drone parts

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3D Printing  of drone parts is one of the expertises of 3D Prontoprint. ABS material is perfectly suited for the printing of drone parts: the material properties of ABS delivers drone parts of high strength. Much better than most other materials used mostly for 3D printing.

Benefits of 3D printing drone parts in ABS

PLA material is easier to print and the most used, but the mechanical properties of ABS are superior in terms of strength. PLA is more brittle and decrease the mechanical properties over time. In addition, PLA has the property to be softer, for example, when it is heated by the sun, which is also less pleasant property when printing drone parts.

3D printing of drone parts from 3D Prontoprint

At 3D Prontoprint you receive your parts at home within 3-5 days. Additionally, we can create from our own experiences the right choices how to get the best 3D printing results in mechanical strength. Please provide us with a short brief explanation of what exactly you need, or how the part is going to be used when making your order, so we can take this into account during production.

How does ordering work at 3D Prontoprint?

You need an STL model of the part you need. This you can upload. You immediately see the price calculation. If you agree with the price then you choose the color and you paid via PayPal or ideal. Then we go to work and you will receive your 3D printed object in 3-5 days by mail.

Examples of 3D printed drone parts

At the Thingiverse website, a lot of example can be found, have a look here.

Ofcourse, there are general 3D model search engines that can be used to find your specific drone part as well: Yobi3D and STL Finder.



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