3D printing made affordable!

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Nowadays, most people know what 3D printing is and what the advantages of this technology are.

At 3D Prontoprint, we think it is crucial to make 3D printing also affordable for everyone. Printing a small bracket or a custom smartphone case should not cost 50 euro! Lowering the cost of 3D printing means it really is everyones reach.

So what about quality then?
We are very honest about this also: we do not deliver the best possible quality in 3D printing in the world. The question is: do you really need this? Do you need <0.1mm resolution? If so, don’t use our service. There are others out there that can provide this, but of course at prices much higher (up to 10 times!) then ours.

At 3D Prontoprint we focus on LOW COST at best affordable quality. That’s why we use ABS as material.

With the fast developments inĀ 3D printers and printing materials, we are constantly working to improve quality while maintaining low pricing.

So please test us, upload your 3D model, we will print it for you so you can see for yourself!

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